Live dates updated

The Livedates have been updated with 2 gigs in Denmark and 1 gig in Germany.

On July 18, we will play the Chaos Descends Festival in Crispendorf, Germany. The Danish dates are September 4 th. in Fredericia, and September 5 th. in Amager Bio, Copenhagen. Check the Live Dates page for details.


In connection with the Amager Bio gig there will be some activities going on at the event page on Facebook, with great prices to win. Everybody who has bought a ticket have a possibility to win some really great prices. So join the event, and get your ticket now at


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Brofest 2015 - UK

We are happy to announce that we will be playing Brofest in Newcastle on Sunday March Hope to see lots of you there.


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12 Days of Darkness - Free download

Christmas is here, and the last episode of "12 Days of Darkness" will give you the password to download a free song. Watch episode 12 and follow the link below. Enter the password and download your copy of this great song.  

12 Days of Darkness Download page 

We wish you alla Merry Christmas.



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12 Days of Darkness

12 Days of Darkness will be here soon. Check our Facebook page and follow along for 12 Days of Darkness. You never know what will be coming your way.



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new video - metal nation

New video of the song "Metal Nation (Raise your hands)" from the album "Axe to Grind". We recorded the video in Holland in April when we were there to play the Very ´Eavy Festival. Why not do something in the afternoon to warm up for the gig, so we decided to shoot some video. Please feel free to share the video, and remember to join us on our Official Facebook page:






kit cd

Witch Cross were recently invited to participate in a new Metal compilation album project, and in this instance, we had no hesitation in accepting, and were honoured to have been asked. Entitled Harder than Steel, the new album celebrates the bands that have appeared at the legendary KEEP IT TRUE festival at theTauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany, and indeed, the festival itself. This is where Witch Cross performed the first comeback show in 2012 – and was the springboard for relaunching the band, our new album Axe to Grind, and a string of appearances across Europe, so the festival, and its organisers are very dear to our hearts.


Masterminded by our friends Bart Gabriel and Oliver Weinsheimer, the album aims to showcase bands who have appeared at the festival covering other well-known metal bands’ songs who have also appeared, and grew out of an original idea of Bart’s. We chose ‘Angel Witch’ by NWOBHM Stalwarts Angel Witch and are very happy with the result, and feel we are in good company with the other bands that have contributed to this fantastic project.


Of course, the cover art is by Dimitar Nikolov, long associated with the festival, whose artwork we admired so much we commissioned him to create the cover painting for our own ‘Axe to Grind’. A festival in its eleventh year, KEEP IT TRUE maintains a special relationship with both the fans and the bands, and it is entirely appropriate that the ethos of the festival be commemorated in this way.


This is a VERY LIMITED EDITION. There is a run of only 500 copies, which can be purchased by attending this years KEEP IT TRUE festival, which runs from April 25th to the 26th….so what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to Germany, bang your head and buy the album!


01. ATTACKER – “Fire Down Under” (RIOT)
02. PARADOX – “March Of The Saint” (ARMORED SAINT)
03. CRYSTAL VIPER – “Night Of The Demon” (DEMON)
04. WITCH CROSS – “Angel Witch” (ANGEL WITCH)
05. OSTROGOTH – “Plan Of Peace” (LETHAL)
07. SACRED STEEL – “All For One” (RAVEN)
08. NIGHT DEMON – “Axe Crazy” (JAGUAR)
09. WIZARD – “Mind Body Spirit” (VIRGIN STEELE)
11. SATAN’S HOST – “See You In Hell” (GRIM REAPER)





very ´eavy festival - holland

Witch Cross very eavy festivalWe have been busy rebuilding our london studio and hope to be starting recording new songs soon for Witch Cross album 3. Please spread the word and we hope to see you all soon.



Next stop is Very 'eavy Festival in Holland where it really took of for us in the 80s so we always love going back to the land below the sea! We will be playing the festival on April 19. However the festival is both on the 18th an 19th of April, so join up and get your tickets before it´s too late.


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We have a new video out soon which was filmed in Italy last year!




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cph - oslo - cd review

Thank you very much to all people who came out and supported us in Copenhagen and Oslo. Two fantastic gigs, with an amazing crowd. We had a blast, and we hope to be back in Copenhagen and Oslo again very soon. Thanx to Henrik Moberg Jessen for the photo.


Our photogallery will be updated soon with pics from some of the recent gigs.

We still recieve amazing reviews for the Axe to Grind album. Here is one from HardRockHaven. 9/10, that´s pretty nice. Don´t forget to get your hands on the album. It is available on both CD and vinyl.

Stay Metal




live in copenhagen and oslo

Almost ready to rock. On thursday November 21th we will be playing Stengade in Copenhagen  together with two other Danish bands. "Wasted" and "Death Rides a Horse".   The day after we will head up north to Oslo, Norway. We will be playing at the venue "Revolver". Special guest in Oslo will be "Magister Templi"

 Photo by: John-son


 Tickets for the Copenhagen show are available HERE




gig update

In November we will be back in Copenhagen. On the 21th we will be playing Stengade  together with two other Danish bands. "Wasted" and "Death Rides a Horse". Ticket information will be available shortly.  On Nov 22 we will head up north to Oslo, Norway. We will be playing at the venue "Revolver". Special guest in Oslo will be "Magister Templi"


  Tickets for the Copenhagen show are available HERE