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Welcome to our new re-designed website. Remember to always come to the site for latest news on Witch Cross.

Witch Cross would like to say thank you for all the support we have received from all corners of the Globe. The response to the new album "Axe to Grind" has been overwhelming and the magazines, Radio stations and the metalcommunity have embraced us in true metal fashion and you have made it great to be back in action again.

We won't keep you waiting another 30 years for the next album.

Here are a few links to some of the nice reviews we have recieved:

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new album - axe to grind, out now !

Finally "Axe To Grind" has been released. The new album is out on Hells Headbangers. First out will be the CD version, but already at end of July or early August the album will be available as 12" vinyl in black and blue.
Mastered by Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Blind Guardian) and mixed by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Anvil), Witch Cross’ Axe to Grind is the band’s first full-length of all-new material since 1984?s heavy metal classic Fit for Fight.


Picking up where they left off in the glorious '80s, WITCH CROSS nevertheless inject their trademark power & glory with a newfound urgency and grit that never betrays their roots in the ancient ways of heavy metal mayhem. Neither "old school" nor "new school," WITCH CROSS prove that the masters are back - and school's in session!





1. March Of The Vikings
2. Demon In The Mirror
3. Ride With The Wind
4. Metal Nation
5. Awakening-Pandoras Box
6. Axe To Grind
7. Bird Of Prey
8. Lost Without Warning
9. Parl Of The Machine
10. Chelsea 100
11. Beyond The Veil





video - demon in the mirror

First song "Demon in the Mirror" from the forthcoming album "Axe to Grind" released on video. We recorded the video in Amager Bio, Copenhagen when we opened for Gotthard, during our Rocktober Tour. Thanx to Peter Hansen from Hansens Video & Web TV Production in Copenhagen and a big "thanx you" to Gotthard for helping out and letting us do the videoshoot.






CD/DVD-Box - "All That´s Fit For Fighting"

FINALLY OUT NOW ON Hells Headbangers: Official anthology release featuring the entire WITCH CROSS discography as a 3-disc CD set with a bonus DVD disc. Comes in a custom box with silver hotfoil print and a hinged magnetic closing lid. A bonus 20-page booklet with tons of photos/interviews/reviews is also included. You get everything here except for their live recordings & personal rehearsal sessions. This is no cheap chocolates box!

CD/DVD box - Witch Cross

DISC #1:
The cult classic "Fit For Fight" album (featuring the correct lyrics)

DISC #2 & 3:
The 5 demos from the '80s, the "Are You There" 7" EP and the ultra obscure BLOOD EAGLE '81 demo (pre-Witch Cross).

DISC #4:
Now for the first time ever a bonus DVD featuring a great sounding live show recorded in Eindhoven, Netherlands (1 hr. 50 min) plus MUSIC VIDEOS of Nightflight To Tokyo, Face Of A Clown, Rocking The Night Away, Fight The Fire and Axe Dance that were made exclusively for Danish TV (similar to old Venom and Iron Maiden videos of the era) fully restored and transferred to NTSC format with professional DVD menus.

Chris Tsangarides mixes the new album

Things are progressing. The new album "Axe to Grind" has been mixed by legendary producer Chris Tsangarides. Chris is best known for his work with many heavy metal bands, including Judas Priest, Anvil, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Helloween, Angra and Yngwie Malmsteen. Even before the mastering of the album, the songs sounds amazing :-) The album artwork is also at the final stage and it looks brilliant, so you all have something to look forward to. The releasedate is not yet confirmed, but we will keep you updated here and on our Facebook page, so stay tuned.


Witch Cross