Jan "Little John" Normark


Founding member of Witch Cross in 1980. Jan had played with Mike Wlad and Alex Savage in 78 - 79 in a band called Blood Eagle. and after a split up, Witch Cross was formed in 1980 without Alex in the start,but as we all know he succesfully joined later.

When Witch Cross split in 85, Jan stayed and continued with the name Witch Cross, but in 86, realized that it wasn't the same and stopped the band for good. In 1993 Jan joined Paul Martin in the band Jane Doe for a couple of years and left in 1996?

Jan is a self tought bass player, but from 81 to 85 Jan went to Danish Music Academy to get a more classical view to music. His inspiration comes from bands like Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and all old time -80 and -90 ies Heavy Metal.