We have a number of items for sale which can be ordered here. T-shirt black with white logo, available in medium, large and x-large. DKR 150. Fan pas with logo and black string dk 40. 4 vinyl collectors Album pack including: fit for fight, 1st single and all the demos the band ever recorded. Including lots of photos and an exclusive interview with the band. dk 250,-


Email mike@witchcross.dkwith your Name, address and size (for t-shirts) and list other item for your order aswell to get shipping cost and pay options.


"Axe To Grind" Official release date is July 9, 2013



01. March of the Vikings
02. Demon in the Mirror
03. Ride With the Wind
04. Metal Nation
05. Awakening-Pandoras Box
06. Axe to Grind
07. Bird of Prey
08. Lost Without Warning
09. Parl of the Machine
10. Chelsea 100
11. Beyond the Veil

witch cross - axe to grind150,-DKR (20,- €) + P&P


The CD-Box "All that´s Fit For Fighting" Check the "Releases" page for details on the Box-set. DKR: 200,- DKR (25,-  €) + P&P

Witch Cross - CD/DVD box
Witch Cross CD/DVD set

















Fit for Fight vinyls. 4 different colors... Black, Blue, Grey & Light Green. The album includes lyrics and a big poster....Releases 2012 by Hells Headbangers. DKR: 120,- ( 15,- €)+ P&P


Fit For Fight - Vinyl, Witch Cross

Small patch - Witch Cross

















Small embrioded patch (on right side) 40,- DKR (5,- €)+ P&P













Cassette tape - Fit For Fight 100,- DKR ( 10,- €) + P&P                                CD - Fit For Fight 100,- DKR ( 10,- €) + P&P

Fit For Fight cassette - Witch CrossFit For Fight CD - Witch Cross


T-shirts, Black with Witch Cross logo  DKR 150,-
 (20,- €)+ P&P Comes in size:  L, XL & XXL, XXXL          Big patch Logo (Embroided - 29 cm) DKR 250,- (30,-€)+ P&P

Witch Cross t-shirtBig patch - Witch Cross


A special Fan laminate pass is also available.
Comes with a lanyard and is signed by the band on the backside.
DKR 40,-  (5,- €)+ P&P


Signed fan pass - Witch Cross


























Official anthology released by Hells headbangers featuring the entire WITCH CROSS discography including the cult classic "Fit For Fight" album, their 5 demos from the ‘80s, the “Are You There” 7" EP and the ultra obscure BLOOD EAGLE '81 demo (pre-Witch Cross). You get everything here but their live recordings & personal rehearsal sessions. Easily one of the best Danish Heavy Metal bands of all time who also recorded their album with Henrik Lundat at Easy Sound Recording, the same studio & engineer to spawn such classics as "Melissa" and "Don't Break The Oath." A mandatory release for all Heavy Metal maniacs!


The Track listing is as follows: It is all the recordings we have done over the years even including some Blood eagle tracks!!


Night Flight to Tokyo, Face of a Clown, Rocking the Night Away, Killer Dogs, Fight the Fire, Axe Dance, Light of a Torch, Alien Savage. (All from the Fit for Fight album)

Are You There, No Angel ( From the Single) Demo tracks: Fight the Fire, Nightwind, Hell is Here to Stay, Light of a Torch, Hell On First Floor, Alien Savage, Doctor jeckyll & Mister Hyde, Chase Away the Shadows, damn the Clan, Night Hunter, Midnight Mob, Burning On. Killer Dogs No Mercy, Satan Child, Witch Cross, Rats, Shadow in Your Life.


*Comes in a deluxe Quad-Gatefold jacket
*Includes 8-page LP size booklet archiving tons of old photos, flyers, interviews & liner notes
*Pressed on multi-Colored Vinyl (w/ color coordinated inner sleeves)
*Lavish silver foil stamping on the front cover & metallic silver ink throughout the layout.


All that´s Fit For Fighting special Vinyl